CE d'équipement d'appareil de teinture de flux d'air de protection de l'environnement

Informations de base
Lieu d'origine: La Chine
Nom de marque: Alees
Certification: CE
Numéro de modèle: Technique-flux d'air
Quantité de commande min: 1Set
Prix: USD50000-USD200000/Set
Détails d'emballage: Emballage de mer standard d'exportation digne
Délai de livraison: 60-90Days
Conditions de paiement: L/C, T/T
Capacité d'approvisionnement: 50SETS/MONTH
Détail Infomation
Matériel: SUS316L Système de contrôle: Pleine automobile
méthode de chauffage: Vapeur Garantie: Nous te fournirons (une) garantie 01 an.
Installation et élimination des imperfections: Un ingénieur sera envoyé pour instruire l'installation, dans l'état de la substance de pipework&work Puissance: 35-145KW
Capacité: 250-2000KG

Appareil de teinture de flux d'air de la CE


Appareil de teinture de flux d'air de protection de l'environnement


Équipement de teinture du textile 145KW

Description de produit

Energy Conservation And Environment Protection Airflow Dyeing Machine For A Better World




The Airflow atomization dyeing machine is suitable for all kinds of fabric which can be dyed in traditional dyeing machine, especially for the fabric of high quality and particular demand. Such as follows:

(1). Single-side reinforced Spandex stretch fabric.

(2). Fine and high gsm. Plain cloth.

(3). Fine density pure cotton terry knitted fabric

(4). Tight double gossamer mesh fabric.

(5). Different gsm. Chiffon fabric.



Model Capacity



Total Power
TEC-Airflow-1T 250KG 5167*4410*4286mm 24.95
TEC-Airflow-2T 500KG 6346*4410*4286mm 44.5
TEC-Airflow-3T 750KG 9200*4410*4286mm 66.3
TEC-Airflow-4T 1000KG 11556*4410*4286mm 109.5



(1). Its no need to change the equipment. Any kind of knitted fabric, woven fabric and blended fabric can be bleached and dyed.

(2). Extremely low liquor ratio: 1:3. Compared to traditional dyeing machine, it saves over 50% water, and also it saves chemicals, dyestuff and additives.

(3). Excellent dyeing effect. The atomized air blows the fabric to keep the fabric running state being changed, and decreases creases.

(4). The unique rinsing method by spraying fresh water allows short processing times with best rising effect.

(5).Utmost shade fastness by aerodynamic fabric transport without hydraulic and dye in saturated steam atmosphere.

(6). Preparation tank is equipped to save time. It can decrease the influence of the fluctuation of water pressure and steam pressure during the dyeing and rinsing process also.



(1). AII the parts of machine body contacting with dyeing solution are made of high quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel in grade 316L.

(2). Teflon rods storage chamber

(3). High efficiency stainless centrifugal blower and pump are controlled by inverter.

(4). Rotary flush system driven by motor

(5). Lifting system, conplatter system and main pump controlled by frequency inverter

(6). Air filter and dyeing solution filter

(7). Fabric unload by motor driven with gearbox


(8). Automatic control heating and cooling system, quick increase and release pressure system

(9). Dyeing solution atomization nozzles

(10). Quota feeding system with pump, valve and dosing system with stirring

(11). Infrared monitoring fabric anti-tangle device

(12). Water level display and liquid level control

(13). Working platform with fiberglass reinforced plastic grating

(14). High efficiency tube-array heat exchanger

(15). Proportional heating and cooling system

(16). Automatic and programmable computer 


Numéro de téléphone : +8618811996637/+8613914161206

WhatsApp : +8613914161206